Innovative Mass 

Injection Devices


automated mass injection devices, utilizing single-use disposable needles, that are safe, completely sterile, user friendly and time saving. 


Preventing the Spread


of Disease



ADST specializes in developing Innovative Mass Injection Devices for humans and livestock. 

The company has developed an automated, safe, completely sterile, user friendly, time saving device for the mass vaccination of livestock.

ADST is now proceeding with the development of the mass injection device for humans. 

Patents covering the devices’ technology have been granted in 14 countries, including the US, Russia, China, France, Germany, Australia and the UK. 


The Need

The estimated world livestock population (cows, sheep, pigs, goats) is 4 Billion. Each animal requires a minimum of 3 vaccinations per year, resulting in the need for at least 12 Billion injections annually. 

• The present practice of vaccinating farm animals is inefficient, unsafe and harmful to both the operators and the animals, physically tiring, stressful to the animals and spreads disease. 

• Numerous authoritative “white papers” providing vaccination guidelines state that in order to prevent the spread of disease a new sterile needle should be used for every injection. Due to the constraints of vaccinating even relatively small herds under present practice, this guideline is seldom adhered to. 

• The need exists for an automated, safe, completely sterile, user friendly, time saving mass vaccination device.


The Product

The Complete Solution - ADST’s Automated Disposable   Syringe Device

Prevents the spread of disease. 

• The needles are sterile until the moment of injection and after each injection the device automatically replaces the needle, prohibiting its re-use.

• The device possesses an internal disinfection mode and meets the IP65 rating allowing for external sterilization. 

Straightforward, uncomplicated and automated application and use. 

• Simple and accurate pre-setting of the required needle length and dosage. 

• Quick and easy plug-and-play needles cartridge replacement. Each replaceable cartridge contains 50 single-use sterile needles.

• Vaccine/antibiotics drawn directly from the manufacturers’ original bottle. 

• The device operates on rechargeable and interchangeable long-lasting batteries.





Minimizes the health risks and physical effort of the operators. 

• The needle is unexposed (retracted) to avoid accidental stabbing (“needlestick injuries”). 

• The completely automated procedure is initiated by an electronic trigger. 

• Lightweight and ergonomically designed injector and backpack. 

Minimizes the stress and wounding caused to the animals. 

• The compulsory use of a new needle for each injection ensures scarcely any bruising and minimal risk of a broken needle. 

• The speedy and effortless application of the injection places no stress on the animals. 



The Advantage

ADST is the only provider of an automated syringe injector utilizing single-use disposable needles for the mass vaccination of farm animals. 


Cost Effectiveness - substantial cost savings are achieved through: 

 • Increased Productivity – the ease and speed of operation, together with decreased downtime      (needle change, sterilization, physical recuperation), result in a multiple productivity increase. 

 • Decreased Direct Labor Costs – using the device the injections can be administered

     by routine personnel. 

          • Increased Produce Yields – through the reduction of stress, bruising and wounding of              the animals. 

 • Reduction in Equipment and Serum Costs – the injector has a lifetime of at least                           1 million injections, resulting in a negligible cost-per-injection, each needle has a lower                    comparative cost and there is minimal vaccination serum wastage. 

• Prevention of the Spread of Disease – avoidance of high short-term costs and long-term losses.


Avi Yohanan


BA in Middle East Studies. An experienced executive and specialist in business strategy.

Prof. Ronnie Levy

Head of the Scientific Advisory Committee

Specialist and lecturer in pharmaceutics. Formerly head of the Pharmacology Department at the Israel Institute for Biological Research, Ness-Ziona, previous to which he was responsible for the production of radiopharmaceuticals at the Nuclear Research Center, Negev.

Shaul Wolfstein


BA in Economics, MBA with 35 years of experience in finance management. Previously chief economist at Mercantile Discount Bank.

Gil Pogozelich


Ph.D. and M.A. Law. Highly experienced in leading technology startups. A specialist in the management of complex development teams in mathematics, algorithms and engineering.

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